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The Mission is Clear!

Eradicate suicide by fostering communities, nurturing connections, and transforming the conversation around holistic well-being.

Over the past two years, Dr. Keith McNally has been actively building a community of like-minded individuals passionate about helping others.

To help end the social problem of suicide, we all need to do our part. If that only means buying some coffee, that would be appreciated!

The Envision Speakers Series 2024

Beyond the Breaking Point: Having the Conversation (Around Suicide) that Matters

The Envision Speaker Series in collaboration with WeCare Partnerships Network and The H.O.P.E. Institute is taking bold action to address suicide by first eliminating the fear and stigma about sharing the impact on families and communities, then connecting individuals and organizations into communities of practice to open pathways toward awareness, education and prevention, and creating the foundation for initiation of these authentic solutions addressing this epidemic.

The Envision Speakers Series is heading to Raleigh, North Carolina!

September 2024

Suicide Prevention: Breaking the Silence  

In collaboration with We Care Partnerships and the HOPE Institute, the Envision Speaker Series is planning on a live event in Raleigh, NC in September 2024.  The Envision Speakers Series has been running virtual panel discussions around the topic of mental wellness. This time, the focus will be suicide prevention, awareness, and education.  

Event Components Include  

A panel discussion that will include mental health professionals and people who have been affected by suicide, with a focus on parents and students who have lost someone.

A series of experiential break-out sessions that will allow participants to experience tools and techniques that may help to redirect someone who is considering suicide and may assist in the grieving process with people who have lost someone.

More details coming soon!

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Envision Speakers Series


Speakers Series

As with all things, the evolution of an idea broadens its reach and deepens its impact. As we continue to have the needed conversations that bring hope and help to those impacted with negative life circumstances, I am now expanding the value of the Envision Speakers Series. The evolution of these conversations now allows professionals around the globe to address social issues that negatively affect how will live, move, and exist and offer possible and feasible solutions to these problems.

The first of these special conversations will occur on January 27, 2024. Consistent with the Envision Speakers Series format, I am bring people together to discuss a topic. This time, the focus is to offer solutions to a stated problem, issues, or concern.

Meet The Speakers

Brenda Yoho

Speaker, Education Consultant,

Coach and Mentor

Author of Lead with Two Rules:

Feeling Good & Feeling Safe.





Timothy Dean Smith

I assess and prepare the right people for the most important responsibility in the world, leading people. Your transformation from peer to people-centered leader begins with often-overlooked prerequisites.

Carrie Allen

Human Mentor | Community Cultivator

Amplifying human potential through the power of community

Kevin R. Strauss, M.E.

Innovation & Strategy Visionary |

Problem Solver & Implementor

Health & Wellness Leader | Mental & Behavioral Health Disrupter

Cross-Industry Innovator |

Workplace Joy Instigator

Marlene Mier

Wellbeing Professional | M.Ed., ACC, CHES

Sarah Cotterill

Champion of Regenerative Living Systems

Sheyenne Kreamer

Equipping YOU To Lead The Change You Want To See In YOUR Community

Become The Leader Society Needs

Michelle Ann Collins

Speaker | Author | Grief and Wellness Coach | Yoga Therapist | Mindfulness Teacher

Embracing Life Through Transition

April 2024

Meet The Speakers

Beyond the Surface: Exploring the Depths of Health and Happiness

"We will address the importance of emotional health and wellbeing from a personal, family, and community perspective.

Let's create community around health and happiness!"

What's Coming Up?


Embracing Life Through Transition

10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Suicide Prevention: Breaking the Silence

On-Site in Raleigh, NC

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