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Against Suicide

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Working with We Care Partnerships and The HOPE Institute for Suicide Prevention

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The Envision Speakers Series

I created the Envision Speakers Series to bring like-minded professionals to the table to openly engage in deep conversations about problems that impact many of us. What I found was a need to create change, empower people world-wide, and offer solutions!

This is that platform.

As I continue my mission to create societal change, my core focus is to address suicide and the impact of suicide in society and across cultures. This is no longer just a mental health problem; it is a societal problem. Let's have those conversations that matter.

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It is unfortunate that North Carolina State University hit the media spotlight in 2023 with several incidents of student deaths by suicide. Nonetheless, we know our young adult population faces continued challenges that effect their emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual development. It's time for action!

Conversations with

Mitch Gray

Weekly, or as often as Mitch gives me time, I have conversations focused specifically on men's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

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Other Envision Speakers Series Conversations

Every Conversation Matters

The Team

Dr. Keith McNally

ESS Founder & Podcast Host

Noemi Beres

Master Class


Rick Mabe

Founder of The HOPE Institute

Sheyenne Kreamer

Co-Founder of We Care Partnerships


"I have such gratitude for you and the way you conduct your podcast. You are laid back creating a low-stress environment yet you communicate expectations and processes so clearly. You are inquisitive and open to ideas yet have a firm grip on the
podcast so that it meets your needs and format. You are relaxed and enthusiastic at the same time. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to be part of your production. And to work with George in the UK and Larry in NY made it even more special!"

Michelle Fritsch

“I had the pleasure to be on Dr. Keith McNally’s Envision Speakers Series with Kevin Strauss, CEO of UCHI. We had an excellent conversation about Emotional Health and the benefits of validation. I felt Dr. McNally facilitated the Q&A in a way that enabled Kevin and I to effectively share our thoughts and insights. I highly recommend watching Dr. McNally’s series with real people, real issues, and real dialogue for purposeful solutions to many of today’s issues facing the greater

Eileen Bild

Frequetly Asked Question

Why Did You Start the Envision Speakers Series?

After the success of The Question Guy Podcast and Coach's Corner, I recognized that the conversation did not stop there. I saw the power that these conversations had. However, people still struggled with day-to-day problems. More than that, I saw the need to change the conversation around mental health, emotional health, and well-being. The Envision Speakers Series attempts to address societal issues head-on. And I bring professionals to the table to offer solutions in their niche!

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How is the Envision Speakers Series Related to Your Campaign Against Suicide?

The Envision Speakers Series is the foundation for what I do . . . this is where the conversations happen! However, to mitigate the impact of suicide around US Veterans, their families, and the US Veteran community, more needs to be done. And a lot is being done. Many people are doing all they can to help end suicide across the Veteran population. According to the Veterans Administration, as of 2021, 17 US Service Member Veterans die by suicide every day. That number needs to be zero.

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What is the Value of a Master Class for Podcast Guests?

A master class for podcast guests offers invaluable insights and strategies to enhance their guest appearances. It provides expert guidance on crafting compelling stories, engaging with hosts and audiences, and promoting episodes effectively. By participating, guests can learn how to articulate their message clearly and confidently, ensuring a memorable and impactful presence. This boosts their personal brand and opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations, making each podcast appearance a strategic tool for growth and visibility.

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